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NuPhaze Nurse IV Therapy successfully combines wellness and hydration in a spa-like environment. Equipped with nurses trained to provide efficient and quality care, NuPhaze Nurse maximizes the wellness experience by focusing on comfort and individualize therapy. Founded and operated by certified nurse practitioner Erma Hawkins, who possesses 21+ years of nursing experience, this wellness spa is the place to go for those looking to receive rapid care to improve their health and wellness. Your first visit will include a wellness consultation. This allows you to receive a personalized care plan to maximize the benefits of therapeutic care. Expect faster recovery from extraneous workouts, poor hydration, illness, stress, and poor skin health. How? Drips for immunity are fundamental to fighting off illness. Drips for weight loss boost metabolism and help to burn fat. Our Beautifier drip provides elements that promote skin, hair, & nail health. B-12 shots are available for our clients who need energy and aid with weight loss. There are even more therapies available. Contact us now to learn more! Book an appointment today at (901)523-3911. Your body deserves it!

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