IV hydration is one of the most efficient ways to get water in minerals into your body. This treatment promotes better health and wellness. In addition to efficiency, IV hydration is a safe, fast treatment that provides energy, athletic and workout recovery, and treats fatigue. With IV hydration, we can help you feel better sooner.

IV hydration allows your body to receive 100% of the vitamins you’re administered. Vitamin pills must be broken down and dissolved before its vitamins can be used. Because of this, you are not receiving 100% of the vitamins and the vitamins are also not available immediately for your body to use. IV therapy provides direct vitamin availability and hydration.

Before arriving make sure you are prepared for a great experience! We recommend having a light meal before arriving, however, drinks are available upon request. At your first visit, a member of our team will provide a consultation and personalized wellness plan.

IV therapy uses a needle to like those used during blood draw. This may cause minor discomfort. However, we have staff that is trained to provide quality care and comfort during therapy.

Our spa is equipped to provide the most relaxing experience. From reclining chairs that provide massage and heat to provided blankets and pillows, we have everything you need to rest comfortably during therapy which can range from 30-45 minutes long. You are welcome to take a nap, read, and even watch movies on our large flat screen televisions. The most important thing to do is RELAX!

Are you a MS resident in the Desoto County area? If yes, then we can provide infusions at your home. This allows you to maximize your comfort and wellness, by resting in a familiar space while receiving therapy. Book online for an at-home infusion!

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