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NuPhaze Nurse IV Therapy successfully combines wellness and hydration in a spa-like environment. Equipped with nurses trained to provide efficient and quality care, NuPhaze Nurse maximizes the wellness experience by focusing on comfort and individualize therapy. Founded and operated by certified nurse ...

What Should I Expect?

With over 21 years of nursing experience, Erma Jean Hawkins had always known the medical benefits of IV drips. To put it bluntly: there’s no faster way of delivering the vitamins and minerals your body needs. But, even though she found herself constantly tired from working long hours, she’d never considered IV ...

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  • Female-owned
  • Wifi on the premises
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  • Massage & Heat Recliners
  • Large Screen TV

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Available Drips and Injections

IV Hydration Drips

IV Hydration Drips

Rehydrate and replenish electrolytes; improve hair, skin, and nails, with more strength, length, and shine; reduce wrinkles in …
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Is a combination of vitamins and minerals to helps enhance athletic performance by decreasing the risk of muscle cramps, …
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Relieve the symptoms of menstrual cramping by relaxing the muscles, reducing pain level, relieve pain from headaches by …
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Health maintenance, energy restoration, anti-aging, and improved athletic performance
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IV Therapy Treatments

NuPhaze Treatments

NuPhaze Treatments


Prevention always beats cure, but it's not always easy to eat all the vitamins you need. That's why this IV infusion is packed full of …
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Regain your glow by cleansing your body of chemicals and additives. This cocktail aids in the growth of hair, skin, and nails.
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Feel like you can barely get up and go? This IV helps you reclaim your zest for life with an energy boost from a carefully chosen blend of …
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